Warrior Episode 1

I wanted to start doing something easier while I was getting used to the new job that I’m starting and I thought it would be a good time to do a rewatch of Warrior. I watched the show as soon as I could after hearing about it from several people, after it was added to HBO Max. It was originally on Cinemax, which is probably why it wasn’t talked about more before it was put on HBO Max. It based on an original concept from Bruce Lee.

The first episode, “The Itchy Onion”, sets up a lot of what is going on not just during the first season but both of the seasons that are out. You get a sense of all of the different relationships and what state they’re in. You get a sense of how flawed Ah Sahm, the main character, is and what led him to be where he is at the beginning of the episode.

Warrior has the feel of both a western and a martial arts movie. Kind of what the original Kung Fu series was and what I was wanting from the Iron Fist show. It does so much that would work well for an Iron Fist show that I hope it does influence whatever happens with that character.

“The Itchy Onion” is an amazing first episode. It sets up the world of Warrior to go in interesting places. I look forward to going back through the series and seeing how it feels now. I haven’t watched the show since 2021 and its still as good as I remember it. I give “The Itchy Onion” 9.5 hatchets out of 10.

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