Barry Season 3

Good God, I wasn’t prepared for Barry season three. After the shocking season ender that season two had, I had absolutely no idea what to expect from this season. I wasn’t prepared for how dark this season would be, that darkness permeated the entire season. While there was some comedy, it was fairly sparse. There was even one bit that made me feel like my brain was melting, because it felt very inside baseball for the entertainment industry.

If I’m being honest a lot of this season felt very much like a comedic look at how weird the entertainment industry can be. I say that as someone that knows very little about the inner workings of the industry. Most everything outside of most of Barry’s story for the season looked at different aspects of how the entertainment industry is now, with streaming services and focus on those services.

Bill Hader, Stephen Root, Sarah Goldberg, Anthony Carrigan, and Henry Winkler all get go to different places throughout the season. Hader gets to live in Barry’s darker places this season. This is a different Barry than in the previous seasons, with his life almost being in shambles. Sarah Goldberg gets to play Sally on a bit of an upswing at the beginning of the season and how that changes her relationship with everyone around her. She’s still self-centered and unaware of the feelings of those around her, which comes back to bite her near the end of the season. Anthony Carrigan gets to show different aspects of NoHo Hank. We start the season with him in domestic bliss and how that’s shattered throughout the season, and how that changes him by the end of the season. Henry Winkler is amazing this season. He acts his ass off throughout the journey Mr. Cousineau goes through the season.

The effects this season are great. The whole season is just really good, it shows us different aspects of the characters that we’ve been watching. This is another season where I have no idea where the show will be going. I know that there’s going to be a fourth season, but the finale felt like it could have been a series finale. If you haven’t been watching Barry, I don’t think I can implore you enough to watch it. I give Barry season three 9 beignets out of 10.

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