Willow Episode 7

“Beyond the Shattered Sea” sets up the finale in an interesting way. We pick up with where the story was left off from the previous episode, with both of the twins being in spots that were surprising. Kit is rescued from drowning but not before seeing Airk and Airk seeing his sister. With Airk’s part of the episode we learn who the mysterious lady at the end of the previous episode is. The majority of the episode that’s focused on the group feels a bit like it was plucked out of an 80s movie with a large part of the middle of the episode is a training montage.

I don’t mean that in a bad way, but it felt out of place in the episode. There are great character moments throughout the episode that show how the characters have changed from the beginning. The ending of the episode sets up what will be an interesting finale. I will not even try to guess what’s going to happen. I will continue to hope that there will be another season because I enjoy all of these characters and how they’ve changed over the season. Something I’ve noticed, especially in this episode, is that Elora’s hair has gotten redder like the bleaching of the hair has faded and her natural hair color is coming back.

There’s even some extra lore in “Beyond the Shattered Sea” that makes me want to get more stories from the world. I loved the creature effects for Kenneth the mudmander, which is one of the most adorable creatures I’ve seen. It’s almost certainly the most adorable creature I’ve seen from the world. I give “Beyond the Shattered Sea” 7.5 flutes out of 10.

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