Barry Season 1

I finally decided to start Barry after hearing a lot about it. After finally watching the show I fully understood why it was so raved about. I saw what people were talking about during the first episode. Every episode in the first season kept getting better, in terms of storytelling and acting.

Bill Hader is amazing in the title role. I was surprised at how well he plays the role, its mostly the action stuff that surprised me. His ability to emote in both comedic and dramatic situations is the least surprising part of his role. Anthony Carrigan is hilarious as NoHo Hank, and you really have to see him in the series to know how funny he is. Stephen Root plays a massive dick as Fuches. All of the people in the cast are great.

The stunts in the first season of Barry are amazing. The fights are topnotch and there’s a car wreck that looks like something out of a big studio action movie. The wreck is amazing. The effects for all of the violence make it as impactful as it is.

The fact that Barry has thirty-minute episodes makes it an easy watch. That makes the way the story is told easy to absorb. The eight-episode season helps keep the story from dragging on and feeling bloated. After finally watching Barry, I wish I could see Bill Hader in a movie like Nobody or John Wick because I believe that he could carry an action movie in that vein. He’s shown that he can do action combined with both drama and comedy. I give the first season of Barry 9 babkas out of 10.

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