End of Year/New Year talk

I probably should have had this up as either the last post for 2022 or the first post of 2023 but I wanted those posts to be what I usually do. 2022 was both a great year and kind of a terrible year for me. I saw a lot of really good movies and tv shows, read some great things, and just an overall good year for the most part in terms of media.

The year was a mixed bag for me personally. It started out pretty well and stayed that way until the middle of the year which was about the time that a lot of things in my personal life started going to hell. I had been trying to see if I could make a living off of this blog and that didn’t happen. It was a mixed bag for me both personally and professionally.

I also made progress in terms of being a writer. I had been a member of the HWA and took part in their mentorship program. That gave me hope to be able to become a published author. I also decided on a pen name, as both a way to stand out and kind of pay tribute to great grandparents.

I hope that this year is more positive than negative. I hope that I’m able to grow my brand. I hope to get back into streaming because I slacked off as my growth stalled. I plan on reading and reviewing more novels this year. I hope to be approached to review more movies before their release. I also hope to get my YouTube channel going properly.

I hope everyone also has a much better year this year than they did last year.

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