New Year’s Evil

I wanted to watch a movie for New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day and the first movie that came to mind was New Year’s Evil. I had never seen it and I don’t think I’ll watch it again after this. I know the movie has its fans, but I am not one of them. The pacing of the movie makes it feel like it drags on and feel much longer than it actually is. That’s only part of my problems with the movie.

The story that Emmett Alston and Leonard Neubauer came up with feels like it a mashed-up combination of a movie. The way the film looks fits with the punk rock aura that radiates from it. The twist that comes in the final act of the movie is interesting but feels weird in the state of the world now, with the motive feeling like something a subsection of people would say. The cast is interesting. Roz Kelly, Kip Niven, Chris Wallace, and Grant Cramer are the core of the movie. Niven and Cramer are unhinged in their roles.

The costume designer nailed the punk rock look for the characters. The set designer hit the mark. Those alongside the music make the movie have the right feel. The score by Laurin Rinder and W. Michael Lewis is great but the songs from Shadow and Made in Japan make the movie that extra bit punk rock.

New Year’s Evil is a punk rock horror mess of a movie that wasn’t for me. There are some great pieces in the movie, but the overall product didn’t land for me. I watched the movie on Paramount + but you can watch it on other services. I give New Year’s Evil 5 roses out of 10.

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