Willow Episode 6

“Prisoners of Skellin” is episode six of Willow and it kind of gives a small amount of closure for Madmartigan, possibly. That’s while also showing the audience a little bit of what’s going on with Airk while the group continually gets sidetracked, which is on par for what would happen with the standard Dungeons and Dragons party. We also learn that trolls serve The Crone, and that they can actually talk. We also got more information about Boorman’s past and meet Allagash, who might be untrustworthy.

It looks like Christian Slater as Allagash is a one and done character, which is a shame, because he is even more like Madmartigan than Boorman has been previously. I don’t know if this will be the last episode before the story starts to wrap up and get to rescuing Airk. I do think that the next episode will start leading that way but as I’ve established, I’m terrible at guessing the pace of TV show stories. Ruby Cruz gets to flex her acting muscles again in this episode, with her experiencing some heavy stuff.

“Prisoners of Skellin” is another interesting side quest for the group, to get back two of their crew. There’s a lot more of the world being fleshed out in these past few episodes. I’m still not sure if there’s going to be another season or if this will be it. The small amount of closure for Madmartigan’s story feels empty since everything that was told came from untrustworthy sources. I give “Prisoners of Skellin” 8 eyepatches out of 10.

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