Knives Out

I’m a huge Rian Johnson fan. I feel like I should say that right off before I say anything about Knives Out. I’ve been a fan of his since Brick and have enjoyed all of his movies since. Knives Out is no different in terms of my enjoyment. I’m a sucker for a good whodunnit and that describes the movie perfectly. It is helped along by the ridiculous ensemble cast, some who are playing against type.

Rian Johnson’s ability to writer interesting and fun characters is on full display throughout Knives Out. One of the least interesting characters in this movie is the detective, who is almost a pastiche of southern gentleman tropes. That character does fit in surprisingly well among the other wild characters. That’s not even mentioning the camerawork used throughout which helped tell the story. There’s a lot in the movie that works and makes it as fun as it is.

This ensemble is something else. Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, Don Johnson, Toni Collette, LaKeith Stanfield, Noah Segan, and Christopher Plummer make up the majority of the cast. Chris Evans looks like he was having so much fun playing the polar opposite of Steve Rodgers. This coming out the same year as his last time playing such a iconic roles and this role being so different gave Evans a chance to have two different roles come out in the same year. Daniel Craig did a great job of embodying what seemed like a pastiche of southern gentleman detectives. He was also a great facilitator of the story moving like it did. There isn’t a single performance in Knives Out that isn’t great.

The set designer did an amazing job, especially in the Thrombey manor. It feels very much like the kind of estate that a mystery writer would have with hidden passages. The costume designer give the audience a good idea of who the different characters are. Also, I have to appreciate the stunt team putting together one of the most awkward car chases ever put film. The music by Nathan Johnson is great. The score gives you the right feel for a whodunnit.

Knives Out is a fun whodunnit that is more fun the second go round. This was my second time watching the movie and first time in a couple of years. I decided to give it a rewatch before watching the newest Benoit Blanc movie. This is a movie that isn’t available streaming for free on any of the major services. I give Knives Out 9 Go boards out of 10.

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