The First Fistmas

I feel like my new tradition of Fistmas was a success. Going into it I didn’t have a plan and started it by watching the first movie because I hadn’t seen it at all this year. I’m going to go through and list the movies and talk about them.

First was Nobody. This movie was possibly my most watched of 2021 but I hadn’t seen it at all this year. With this rewatch I decided that the boobytraps alongside Michael Ironside are sly references to Watchers even if that’s just a nice coincidence.

Second was Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I went with this because I hadn’t reviewed it yet and because I hadn’t seen it in a couple of years. Also, it takes place during Christmastime, which makes it a Christmas movie in my opinion but I’m not getting into that discourse here.

Third was The Raid: Redemption. I reviewed it last December and it kind of went with my dip into action that tends to happen around this time. It added a bit more fist to Fistmas, which was missing from the second movie.

Fourth was The Raid 2. This was a movie that I hadn’t necessarily planned on watching when I started. It took everything that worked from the first movie and added it to a crime drama. It is a bit long, but it doesn’t drag on thanks to the pacing.

The fifth and final movie of the first Fistmas was Hardcore Henry. I chose this because it worked as a nice bookend for the first Fistmas. It was another movie that I hadn’t reviewed yet.

Going forward I will plan my movies for Fistmas better. That’ll mostly consist of choosing the movies beforehand.

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