We Are Still Here

I love We Are Still Here. I fell in love with it way back when it was on Netflix and decided to watch it without knowing anything about it. I’ve bought it several times physically, once only days apart from each other. That happened after finding it on blu ray after buying it on DVD a day or so earlier. I even recommended it to the person that helped me checkout and they weren’t even the first person that I recommended the movie to. Not only is it a movie that I recommend regularly but I also have tried to share it with people.

Ted Geoghegan knocked it out of the park with We Are Still Here. The mixture of slow burn haunted house movie and siege film is amazing. The story being both Lovecraftian and heart wrenching makes it standout as much as it does. The way that the house itself is given agency throughout the movie makes it as much a character as anyone else. The shots that linger on different parts of the house do a lot give the house agency.

Barbara Crampton, Andrew Sensenig, Larry Fessenden, Lisa Marie, and Monte Markham are the main cast. Barbara Crampton is amazing in We Are Still Here. Her performance is powerful, and you can’t help but feel your heartbreak whenever you see her. Sensenig does a great job of playing off of her. Doing a fantastic job of playing a man that wants to help his grieving wife but lacks the emotional intelligence to do so properly. This was my first-time seeing Larry Fessenden in anything and I immediately became a fan. I didn’t know anything about him until later, but his performance is something else. Lisa Marie made a great pair with Fessenden. Really those main four make the movie as good as it is. That being said Monte Markham is absolutely sinister. You know that something’s up with him as soon as he shows up on screen.

The costume and set designers did an amazing job making the movie feel like it was a late 70s movie. The worker that I recommended the movie to actually hadn’t seen We Are Still Here because they thought it was an older movie. That’s how good of a job they had done, making people think it was a movie of the decade it was set. The effects are amazing. The ghosts have such a distinct look. The music by Wojciech Golczewski is fantastic.

We Are Still Here is a fantastic movie that I feel like doesn’t get mentioned nearly enough. I had planned on reviewing the movie some time during the winter but with this cold snap that’s currently happening I thought it would be more than fitting. This is a very wintery movie to me, mostly because of the amount of snow throughout. You can stream We Are Still Here on Amazon Prime Video, Tubi, Peacock, and Vudu for free. I give We Are Still Here 10 Houses out of 10.

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