Willow Episode 5

“Wildwood” is the fifth episode of Willow and its an eventful episode. We got some clarification on Kael and Jade’s connection. We get character moments for all of the main characters, especially between Kit and Jade. There’s also more information on Boorman and what lead him to be where he was at the beginning of the series. There was also the return of the Brownie Rool, which was a fun cameo.

All of the character stuff in the episode gives everyone a chance to put in amazing performances. Ruby Crus and Erin Kellyman get the most moments, both separate and together. Its an interesting thing to see characters come to terms with something that everyone but them could see. Amar Chadha-Patel gets to play a different aspect of Boorman, less protected by his sense of humor and more open.

“Wildwood” is an episode that offers continued character development while having the plot kind of stall. I’m not entirely sure how everything is going to be wrapped up in these eight episodes, unless there’s going to be more episodes. I keep enjoying each episode more than the next with the characters getting more fleshed out with each episode. I give “Wildwood” 8 truth plums out of 10.

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