Deadly Games

Deadly Games is an insane movie. I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting into when I finally watched this movie. I thought that I was prepared by seeing it described as a more intense Home Alone, which is an incredibly simplified way of describing it. I feel like it has a bit more in common with Die Hard because it has more of an action horror.

Deadly Games was written and directed by René Manzor. It feels so weird when compared to other movies. I’m having trouble thinking of any other action or horror movie with a proactive child protagonist like in Deadly Games. Honestly the only other horror movie that has proactive child protagonists is The Monster Squad.

Brigitte Fossey, Louis Ducreux, Patrick Floersheim, François-Éric Gendron, Stéphane Legros, and Alain Lalanne star in Deadly Games. Lalanne and Floersheim carry the movie since most of the movie relies on their cat and mouse chemistry. Lalanne’s performance is powerful because his character goes through some heavy stuff throughout the movie. Floersheim is possibly one of the creepiest killer Santas that I’ve seen.

The practical effects are really good. They’re not really extensive but they’re incredibly effective. The progressive damage to the creepy Santa amps up the tension. The set design really makes the movie feel like a Christmas movie as well as making the castle be a character itself. The music by Jean-Félix Lalanne is awesome. There are pieces that make you feel like you’re in an intense horror movie as well as pieces that feel straight out of an 80’s action movie.

Deadly Games is a wild French movie that happens to be a Christmas horror movie. Deadly Games has several alternate names, including the French language title. I don’t think any of my descriptions of the movie have done justice. This is a movie you need to see if you want to know what its all about. Thankfully, its on Shudder. I give Deadly Games 8 suits of armor out of 10.

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