Adult Swim Adult Yule

Adult Swim Yule Log came out of nowhere. Much like any other live action Adult Swim piece of media I had no idea it was airing until after had aired. Unlike with Too Many Cooks and Unedited Footage of a Bear this was feature length. Much like those previously mentioned shorts, Yule Log was a surprise. Even with me having a strong idea that it would be heavily horror tinged I was still surprised by this movie.

The connection between Yule Log and Too Many Cooks is close with them both being directed by Casper Kelly. I think there are even visual easter eggs connecting the two. Its an experience of a horror movie. I honestly wonder what it would be like to see it on a big screen in theaters. The main cast is fantastic. Andrea Laing, Justin Miles, Michael Reagan, Jessica Fontaine, Sean Hankinson, Hannah Alline, Skye Passmore, Daniella Maximillian, and Thy Bui do a great job as the core cast. Tordy Clark and Brendan Patrick Connor are great in their roles, which I won’t say much as to not spoil anything.

The effects in Yule Log help make the movie what it is. The mixture of both practical and visual effects is something else. The practical effects are fantastic, and they look great and offer a certain ick factor. The visual effects look great, and they offer a nice contrast to the practical effects. The visual effects feel less icky than the practical ones.

Adult Swim Yule Log is something that has to be seen to believe. I’ve seen it described multiple ways and they’re accurate in different ways. I feel like there’s no one way to accurately describe it. Its something that requires viewing to get a proper sense of. Thankfully you can stream it on HBO Max. I give Adult Swim Yule Log 9 bottles of Nurse Nutmeg out of 10.

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