Ip Man 4: The Finale

Ip Man 4: The Finale is most definitely what its title says it is. It continues the emotional weight that was in the previous movie. It continues the basic structure of the other movies in the series but it goes back to the introduction of a friendly rival as a possible antagonist with a much worse person or persons being introduced later as the primary antagonist. The main difference is that a majority of the movie takes place in America.

The shift in location makes the undercurrent of racism that had been in the entire series feels like its more upfront than in the previous entries. The racism is a focal point of the entire movie rather than just the antagonist. Bruce Lee is also a major player in the story, basically being the main reason Ip Man comes to America initially with that being the catalyst for everything else in the story.

Donnie Yen, Wu Yue, Vanness Wu, Scott Adkins, Kent Cheng, Danny Chan, Ngo Ka-nin, Vanda Margraf, and Chris Collins stars in Ip Man 4. Scott Adkins was a great primary antagonist. He worked great as physically imposing opponent for Donnie Yen, it also makes sense that Chris Collins was his lackey in the movie. They make a pair of imposing and aggressive antagonists. The movie ends with clips from the previous movies with a variety of actors from them.

The fight scenes in Ip Man 4 are as good as the ones in the previous movies. The effects are as good as the previous movies. Kenji Kawai is back with a score that gives the entire series a nice throughline. If I’m being honest this is more of the same when it comes to the series.

Ip Man 4 is a fitting end of the series. I feel like I’ve said everything that I can about this movie and how it connects to the previous movies. I was right about this movie finally bringing Bruce Lee in a major way. This is also the last of the Ip Man series on Netflix. I give Ip Man 4 7.5 training dummies out of 10.

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