Willow Chapter 4

“The Whispers of Nockmaar” is the fourth episode of Willow or chapter is they’re called. This episode offers a lot of character development for almost all of the new characters. We get background information for Graydon and how it involves what’s currently happening to him during the episode. There’s not much character development for Boorman but we do learn what it was he took from the crypt in the previous episode. What we learn about Jade only confuses me more about how much time was between the series and the movie, since we learn that General Kael was involved in her backstory.

The royal twins have the most backstory revealed in the episode. We learn about how Bavmorda got her powers and possibly why she was targeted by the Crone. Most of everything we learn is through the titular whispers. Elora finally starts to believe in herself, after Kit tells her about the eckleberry bush. The episode ends with the Gales being tasked with killing everyone and kidnapping Elora and the reveal of Airk being in a crumbling ancient city.

With this being the halfway point of the season or show since I have no idea if there will be a second season, I have no idea what will happen going forward. I think all of the backstory that we got in the episode sets up potential conflicts going forward, especially with how Elora exorcised Graydon. There’s a lot in the episode that could be expanded upon in interesting ways. I give “The Whispers of Nockmaar” 9 brined possums out of 10.

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