I had been meaning to watch Depraved for some time. With it leaving Hulu soon I thought it would be the perfect time to finally see it. The main selling point for it to me was that the movie was Larry Fessenden’s version of Frankenstein told in a modern setting. I’m a sucker for Frankenstein and its many adaptations.

I think Fessenden made an interesting adaptation of the classic work of literature. He was able to take some of the basic elements of the story and do something interesting with them while also doing a new take on the ending. Fessenden even accomplished humanizing the movies version of the Doctor with the more unscrupulous elements of the character being moved to another character.

David Call, Joshua Leonard, Alex Breaux, Ana Kayne, Maria Dizzia, Chloe Levine, Owen Campbell, and Addison Timlin make for a hell of a cast. Anytime that Chloe Levine is on screen your heart kind of breaks for her because she looks so innocent in Depraved, and her character goes through some heavy stuff. Call, Leonard, and Breaux have amazing chemistry that makes their scenes work so well. Breaux’s performance is something else with his performance evolving over the course of the movie. Call’s performance is fatherly with a tension that works with his character’s backstory. Kayne’s performance offers a sense of care that isn’t there with the central three characters.

The effects in the movie are fantastic. The effects for Adam throughout are impressive with how they change. The set design makes sense with how different they were supposed to be. The visual effects give the movie a psychedelic flair that fits surprisingly well. The music from Will Bates is fantastic. It adds the right amount of tension while also being heartfelt at the right times.

Depraved is an interesting adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein that while doesn’t do anything too different it is a fun watch. I kind of hope that Larry Fessenden does more interesting takes on classic monsters. He did vampires in Habit and Frankenstein in this movie. I know he made a movie about wendigos, which I think is named after that creature. I’d be down to see him do werewolves, invisible people, and really any other classic monster. I honestly just think any Fessenden is pretty great. I give Depraved 8 necklaces out of 10.

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