Christmas Bloody Christmas

I became aware of Christmas Bloody Christmas earlier this year when it played at the Knoxville Horror Film Fest and was paired with the short The Woodsman. I didn’t know anything about it, other than it had an eye-catching poster, until this past week as it was getting ready to be put on Shudder. Even what I learned about the movie didn’t reveal much of anything about the poster, though it did give context to the poster. I found myself enjoying the movie a great deal.

Joe Begos knocked it out of the park with Christmas Bloody Christmas. I have limited experience with his films, but this feels like it’ll be a standout. I say that because of how the story doesn’t let up once it gets going, kinda like when you coast down a hill. It feels like a neon-tinged Christmas nightmare for the characters in the movie. You’re barely able to catch your breath between kills.

Its also helped along by the cast and most definitely the lead. Riley Dandy carries the movie easily with how she embodies Tori. Sam Delich, Jonah Ray, Dora Madison, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Abraham Benrubi, Jeremy Gardner, Graham Skipper, and Kansas Bowling make up the majority of the cast. I wasn’t sure who was playing the killer Santa because of how much of the actor’s face was covered, but once I saw Benrubi’s name in the credits I knew it was him. I was surprised when Jonah Ray, Jeremy Gardner, and Graham Skipper each showed up on screen.

The different kills are pretty fucking awesome. There’s even a surprising kill that I won’t give away, but I was incredibly surprised by it happening. The effects are awesome. The kills looks gruesome in the best ways possible. The robotic Santa bits look fantastic. It looks and feels like it takes place on what would be a white Christmas. Steve Moore did a fantastic job with the music in the movie. It does a lot to keep the tension as high as possible.

Christmas Bloody Christmas is an awesome Christmas horror movie that is a combination of The Terminator and Silent Night, Deadly Night with a heavy dose of neon. I wish I had been able to see this movie on the big screen. It feels like it would be an absolutely breathtaking experience on the big screen. This will be another movie that I watch around the holidays because it is just that fun to watch. This is a Shudder original, which with everything going on with Shudder and AMC in the last few days it feels like it needs an extra bit of love. I give Christmas Bloody Christmas 9 fireaxes out of 10.

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