Willow Episode 3

“The Battle of the Slaughtered Lamb” is an entertaining episode. It offers both more character stuff and more worldbuilding. We get some of the backstory of the magical armor that lead to Madmartigan’s disappearance. There are character moments that show how quickly the relationships between certain characters are changing. There are even major deaths that look to change two characters specifically.

The story of the episode deals with what happened at the end of the second episode. The core little group is still getting used to each other while Jade and Kit are still struggling with the strain on their relationship. Kit is also still struggling with the reveal of Elora Danan and how that ties into her father’s disappearance. Boorman is also shown to not necessarily be completely trustworthy.

While Boorman is still a personal favorite character, this episode gave Jade moments to shine. Erin Kellyman took those moments had made the most of them. Jade and Silas both had standout moments. Graydon also got moments to show his character and Tony Revolori took those moments to make you feel sympathy for his character.

“The Battle of the Slaughtered Lamb” continued the story and left off in an interesting spot. The episode ending in Nockmaar was an interesting choice and that’s not the only thing about the ending that will make the next episode a tossup. I look forward to where the next episode goes and beyond. I give “The Battle of the Slaughtered Lamb” 7 magic staves out of 10.

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