Santa Jaws

I had a feeling that I knew what I was getting into as soon as I started Santa Jaws, but I wasn’t completely prepared for it. I can understand why one of the first results I got when I googled the movie was a question asking if it was real or not. I can safely say that while it isn’t a good movie it is an entertaining movie. You won’t necessarily be blown away by anything in the movie, but you’ll definitely get a laugh or two at the very least.

The effects fit the movie perfectly. This was a Syfy original movie when it was originally released and that really says everything you need to know about it. Misty Talley was able to get the mixture of camp and Christmas cheer from Jake Kiernan’s script. The cast is able to make the movie as enjoyable as it was.

Santa Jaws didn’t break the mold when it came to movies but if you allow yourself to you’ll have a fun time with it. I watched the movie on Amazon Prime Video and I don’t know where else its available to stream. I give Santa Jaws 5 magic pens out of 10.

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