Slash/Back was exactly what I hoped it would be when I first saw the trailer. I’m a sucker for non-traditional heroes fighting off an alien invasion. That fact that the heroes are from an indigenous group that is even more rare among makes Slash/Back standout even more. That’s even on top of the story being centered on a group of young girls, so we get a look at an even more underrepresented group of people.

Nyla Innuksuk made an incredibly entertaining movie. She co-wrote it with Ryan Cavan and directed the movie herself. The story she was able to tell hit a different cord for me than I thought it would. The main character hating her small town and her rejection of her background sits differently for me because I know a few people that feel that way, but its not entirely that same the character but similar. The contrast in feelings among all of the friends show how small towns affect the kids that grow up there.

Tasiana Shirley, Alexis Wolfe, Nalajoss Ellsworth, and Chelsea Prusky make up the core group of friends that we follow throughout the movie. Each of the four play their characters perfectly and you feel like they were all actually friends. There isn’t a person in the cast that doesn’t play their part perfectly. They all work so well that the movie has heart. They also make you feel the terror, which is only helped along by the effects.

The different kinds of effects used in Slash/Back make sense. The way the visual effects move make perfect sense in the movie. That translates surprisingly well to practical effects being played by a performer. Every version of the aliens have the right otherworldliness to them. The set and costume design do so much to make the world of the movie grounded. The music is awesome. Michael Brook is one of people who did the music.

Slash/Back is an entertaining alien invasion movie that is set somewhere that is far from familiar to me. I think that’s one of the reasons I liked it as much as I did. The unfamiliar setting mixed with some familiar aspects of characters and how those interact would be an interesting movie by itself but adding the more fantastical elements gives it an edge. This is yet another Shudder original that I enjoyed. I give Slash/Back 8 ulus out of 10.

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