Violent Night

Violent Night is really good, like I’m going to have a time not using less than professional language. To put it simply, Violent Night is a bloody good time at the movies. I had a feeling that I was going to enjoy the movie, but I wasn’t prepared for how much I would enjoy it. I’m usually pretty reserved in public settings but I found myself laughing and exclaiming loudly multiple times throughout the movie. Its rare to get the amount of heart that there is in this movie along with the amount of violence and gore.

The mix of gore and comedy also shouldn’t surprise me with Violent Night by directed by Tommy Wirkola. The two Dead Snow movies have a great mix of gore and comedy. The movie being written by Pat Casey and Josh Miller was a surprise to me once I learned who they were. They were the pair that wrote both of the recent Sonic the Hedgehog movies. I was surprised by most of the story beats, which I will not mention as to no possibly spoil anything about the movie.

John Leguizamo is the biggest surprise in the entire movie to me. He is an incredibly terrifying villain. I wasn’t prepared for just how ruthless and terrifying he was going to be in Violent Night. This is a very different role for him, and he plays it to perfection. I had a strong feeling that I would enjoy David Harbour in the movie, and I was right. He plays this version of Santa Claus to perfection. The contrast between the two performances make the movie so good. Harbour’s performance is helped along by Leah Brady’s performance. They play off each other so well and give the movie a lot of its heart. Alex Hassell, Alexis Louder, Cam Gigandet, Edi Patterson, Beverly D’Angelo, Brendan Fletcher, Alexander Elliot, and André Eriksen make the movie as well. Every member of the cast make the movie what it is.

The stunt team for Violent Night did an amazing job with the fights and stunts throughout the movie. The stunts are helped along by the variety of effects throughout the movie. The effects are a great blend of both practical and visual effects. The design for the Santa suit is really badass and fits the character incredibly well. The music from Dominic Lewis is great but the rest of the music is just as good. Whatever I say about the music won’t do it credit.

Violent Night is yet another movie that I’ll be adding to my yearly viewing schedule. I recommend seeing this movie in theaters if you have the chance. I wish I could have seen it in a theater with more than about ten people in it but seeing it on the big screen is the best way to see it. I give Violent Night 9 sledgehammers out of 10.

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