Silent Night

Silent Night is possibly my first foray into the Silent Night, Deadly Night franchise. I say possibly because I might have seen one of the latter sequels growing up, but I just don’t know if its actually what I saw. Its also supposed to be a remake of the first movie in the franchise though it feels more like a reimagining. I say that because it kept some of the same broad stroke ideas but changed pretty much everything else. It works really well as a standalone movie because it has no connection to the preceding entries, but it does have a couple of callbacks to the first two movies in the series.

Another reason that I wanted to finally watch Silent Night was because it was directed by Steven C. Miller, who is a fellow Full Sail alum. This isn’t the first movie of his that I’ve seen but it is the first one since I learned who he is. He did a great job of translating Jayson Rothwell’s screenplay onto the screen. The movie has such an interesting visual style with some badass slow motion flamethrower shots. A lot of the characters were written to be kind of really terrible.

Those terrible characters are only so unlikable because they were brought to life incredibly well. Malcolm McDowell, Jaimie King, Donal Logue, Ellen Wong, and Brendan Fehr star, though Fehr is more of a cameo. This movie kind of solidified Jaimie King as a badass. Her performance carried the movie not only because she got to do awesome action hero stuff, but she is also able to make you feel for everything her character goes through over the course of the movie. That’s not even mentioning the tragic backstory that we never learn about her character. I think that its pretty interesting that Ellen Wong plays a character that’s similar to what she would play in The Void, which is another movie I enjoy. Donal Logue gets to have a fantastic monologue, which is always what you want to give him.

The kills in Silent Night are pretty insane. There’s a couple of the kills that happen that I didn’t see coming but they happen to awful people. The most surprising kill to me was the one that happened to an incredibly shitty teen. The effects for the kills are spectacularly gruesome and that’s one of the best things in the movie. The music from Kevin Riepl is fantastic and fits the movie perfectly.

Silent Night is a cool reimaging of the basic story of the first movie. I can see this being a go to watch during Decembers going forward. This is a fun Christmas slasher that is anchored by a hell of a performance from Jaime King that has a lot of style throughout. Its currently on Shudder as of when I write this but who knows when it will leave. I give Silent Night 7.5 flamethrowers out of 10.

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