Legend (Director’s Cut)

Legend was one of my favorite movies growing up. It offers the mixture of fantasy and horror that really only comes from old fairy tales. It has the fairy tale feel throughout, which is only amplified by some of the dialogue. I watched the director’s cut, which I’ve only seen a handful of times compared to the amount of time that I’ve seen the American theatrical cut. The major differences that I knew without them up were the score and the ending.

The different score was from Jerry Goldsmith, which was also the score for the European cut of the film. There were also songs sung by Mia Sara that had lyrics composed by John Bettis. The difference in the score is something that I’m still getting used to. It changed the movie enough to where it feels like a different movie to me. The ending gives the movie a different feel as well. It feels like a different enough movie to me that it keeps me guessing.

William Hjortsberg was able to get the right feel for what Ridley Scott wanted when he set out to tell a fairy tale. That fairy tale feel is helped along by the look of the movie. The production and costume design of Legend is absolutely breathtaking. Both of those go right along with the practical effects from Rob Bottin. The designs for Darkness, Meg Mucklebones, and Blix all have iconic looks. Darkness is the most iconic out of all of the creature designs in the movie. That’s not even mentioning the effects used for the dwarves and the other heroic figures.

Tim Curry’s performance as Darkness is still the first thing that comes to mind whenever I think of Tim Curry. His performance is only amplified by is iconic makeup. He even has the second most iconic utterance of the word boy. While this isn’t Tom Cruise’s first leading role but it is the earliest role of his that always come to my mind. Mia Sara is amazing as this was her first role. The performances from David Bennent, Alice Playten, Billy Barty, Cork Hubbert, Annabelle Lanyon, Kiran Shah, and Robert Picardo are all fantastic. Playten even dubbed Bennent’s character of Gump because of an executive.

The director’s cut of Legend has a different feel than the cut that I’m used to. I feel like I should rewatch the movie but watch the cut that I grew up watching just to see how different the two cuts really feel. I still love this movie no matter what cut I watch. There isn’t a way to watch any version of this movie for free. I have the ultimate edition of Legend on DVD but in 2021 Arrow Video released a limited edition on blu ray. I give the director’s cut of Legend 8.5 giant metal platters out of 10.

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