Rogue One

I wanted to give Rogue One a rewatch after finishing the first season of Andor. I hadn’t seen Rogue One since shortly after it came out on home video. Giving both of these pieces of Star Wars media a watch so close together shows how different they are in presentation. Rogue One is very much what you expect from a Star Wars movie for the most part. Andor however feels different, dirtier in some ways.

Rogue One is well paced even if does feel like it drags a tiny bit at the very start of getting to Eadu. Drags might not even be the right way to describe it. It’s almost like anticipation of what’s going to happen. It still offers a different style to the more traditional Star Wars movies that had been released under Disney. I found myself being blown away at just how dark they were able to get in this movie.

The characters in Rogue One are one of the movies strongest features. I’m not just saying that because of Andor getting his own prequel series. There are even characters that originated in this movie that have shown up in other pieces of Star Wars media. One of my favorite aspects of the movie is the use of The Force and the difference between it and how both the Jedi and Sith use it. The group that the movie follows offer a very different outlook and point of view than any other movie in the Star Wars franchise, hell even any other piece of media from Star Wars up until Andor.

The effects used throughout Rogue One are just as good as you would expect from a Star Wars movie. What is basically early deepfake technology is probably the worst, but even then, it isn’t terrible. It goes into the uncanny valley which I don’t want to get into. There’s even repurposed footage from the older films that you only notice once it has been pointed out to you. The new music from Michael Giacchino fits right in with the music from John Williams.

Rogue One feels like an outlier amongst the Star Wars movies. It has such a different feel than any other movie in the franchise. Giving it a rewatch after the first season of Andor shows how much they brought in from this movie to use in the series. Those connects give this movie even more weight. You can watch the movie and Andor on Disney +. I give Rogue One 9.5 kyber crystals out of 10.

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