Survivor Series Wargames

I’ve always liked Survivor Series, but this is honestly the first year that I was honestly excited for it. The addition of two Wargames matches is what got me excited. I don’t watch wrestling on a week to week basis, mostly because I don’t have cable and there’s just too much each week for me to watch and do much of anything else. With me only keeping up with the storylines through online recaps and social media clips this premium live event was a lot of fun.

The two Wargames matches were awesome. I don’t think there could have been a better way for this to both start and end. The women’s Wargames match was a hell of a way to start the night. The men’s Wargames match was the perfect way of ending the night. I don’t think I could talk about either of the matches without trying to go blow by blow, but I recommend watching those two matches at the very least. I find it hard to go wrong with a Wargames match.

The other three matches are mostly good. The Styles vs Bálor match was great once the nonparticipants got out of the way. The Rousey/Shotzi match was probably the worst match, and it wasn’t terrible. For me its down to Rousey being pretty bland in ring and still figuring out her own in ring style. The US championship match was way better than I thought it would be. Triple threat matches can be hit or miss and this one was very much a hit. Austin Theory, Seth Rollins, and Bobby Lashley all looked amazing in the match and I wouldn’t be against seeing them go at it again.

Survivor Series Wargames deserves to be the November event going forward. I’ve not seen a bad Wargames match since WWE started doing them and these two matches continued that tradition. I’m not going to rate the PLE but I do want to recommend it once again.

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