Andor Season 1 Finale

“Rix Road” is season one finale of Andor and solidifies the series’ place as the best Star Wars series released on Disney +. Since the halfway point of the season, I was consistently surprised by where the season would go. This episode was no different, with it focusing on the goings on during Maarva’s funeral. Most of the threads end up converge on Ferrix, with Mon Mothma’s story staying on Coruscant. This episode seemingly finishes the journey that Cassian went on during the season and ends with him fully starting his transformation into the focused freedom fighter that we met in Rogue One.

“Rix Road” feels like a proper conclusion to the overall story for Cassian, even if the inciting incident was never given a resolution. I don’t see that getting resolved but with how often I was surprised by the first season I half expect it to be resolved in some way. Syril Karn seems to have set himself up to have more active role going forward. There’s even a post credits scene, and it shows you what was being made on Narkina 5.

This episode finally made full use of Fiona Shaw being in the series. She delivers an incredibly powerful speech that fits her character and functions as a way to solidify certain characters convictions. There are so many fantastic performances in the episode that show just how subtly the characters had changed during the course of the season.

“Rix Road” is a hell of an episode and sets the stage for the story to head in the direction that it needs to. I don’t know when season two of Andor will premiere but I hope it isn’t too long. I hope now that the season is finished more people will watch the show. I really want more people to discover just how good this show is. I give “Rix Road” 9 blasters out of 10.

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