Trancers III

Trancers III feels quite a bit different than the first two movies. The darker tone of the movie was an interesting direction but not a terrible one. It also looked darker with it being lit to be that way. The story made sense, but I felt like there were some mild retcons to the previous set ups. I had thought the Trancers were made by Whistler in the first movie but according to this movie they were made in 2005 by Colonel Muthuh. I could have been wrong but it appeared to be that way.

C. Courtney Joyner wrote and directed Trancers III marking a change with Charles Band having directed the first two movies. The change is felt in style but it’s still a well-made movie. This was another one of Full Moon’s releases during the 90s that were high quality. Really my only issues with the movie I’ve already mentioned. It could be my misunderstanding of the origins of Trancers, or it was an actual retcon. The returning cast is mostly just used for extended cameos with the exception of Tim Thomerson. Melanie Smith, Andrew Robinson, Stephen Macht, and R.A. Mihailoff are the new cast members. Thomerson has great chemistry with the new cast.

The effects in Trancers III were really good but with them being done by KNB FX I would expect nothing less. The Trancers in this movie have some different looks which makes sense with this movie dealing with early Trancers. The stunt team for the movie were able to have some pretty intense looking fight scenes. The main theme from Phil Davies and Mark Ryder is used again with new music being made by Richard Band.

Trancers III felt like it was the end of the series being about hunting down the titular monsters and into something else. This movie has the least horror elements in it out of the three movies so far, though I do know a little about the next two movies. The next two movies are quite a bit different but not sure if that’s what was planned after this movie. I was able to watch this movie through FreeVee, which seems to have all six of the movies in the franchise. I give Trancers III 6.5 TCL chambers out of 10. [kofi]


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