Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors was added to Xbox Game Pass within the last week. I had heard a little bit about it before it was added but knew next to nothing about it. So, it was a big surprise to me when I learned it was an auto-attacker. I was playing the game for the first time while streaming on twitch and had a mild freakout while trying to figure out what was going on. I eventually had to google to make sure what was going on in the game.

This game has a huge learning curve. I’ve only unlocked a portion of the stuff in the game. I’ve only just unlocked the fourth level and it was only after a few hours of struggling and testing out which of the characters I have unlocked work the best for the different stages. Its really the luck of the draw when it comes to leveling up during the playthrough of the stage. Different powerups and weapons affect your playthrough different ways, some let you play more aggressively while others necessitate a more defensive style of play.

Each level has an assortment of horror related creatures that rush at you. As your play and level up during each playthrough the creatures get stronger, and you see a wider variety. There are also boss creatures that come out in the later stages of play, when you get higher level and start to get swarmed by the stronger versions of the regular creatures.

Vampire Survivors is a fun game that takes a lot to master but I’m enjoying my time trying to do so. This is like if you made a Castlevania, but it was a shoot ‘em up rather than a traditional game in the franchise. If you have an Xbox, you can play Vampire Survivors on it right now. You can also play it through Game Pass for PC as well, but I don’t have a PC that can play any game. I recommend giving the game a try at the very least. I give Vampire Survivors 9 clovers out of 10.

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