Andor Episode 11

“Daughter of Ferrix” is really just a series of emotional gut punches. All of the emotional weight is barely broken up with some story beats and an incredible action set piece. This episode shows how good of a show Andor is because it would be a hell of an episode in any other setting, but since its set in Star Wars it shows a different side of the universe. A universe that the most vocal “fans” of don’t want to change and evolve.

The story of the episode is centered on the death of Maarva, Cassian’s mother, and it ripples through the people connected to Cassian. Luthen continued his struggle with connecting separate members of the loose rebellion. This time solidifying his stance to sacrifice Kreegyr. We also get the best space combat scene in Star Wars, because its something that could only be done in Star Wars. That’s what I want to see from Star Wars something that could only be done in that universe. We get a follow up with Mon Mothma which led to another gut punch of a scene, which is anchored by Genevieve O’Reilly’s performance. The episode ends with Cassian learning about his mother’s death while he and Melshi go their separate ways to expose what they experienced.

“Daughter of Ferrix” is a hell of a penultimate episode. Everything is seemingly set up for the story told all season to finally come to a head. I think it would be interesting if Maarva’s death is the catalyst for Cassian’s change into freedom fighter. I’m continuously blown away by Andor. I give “Daughter of Ferrix” 9 lockboxes out of 10.

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