Andor Episode 10

“One Way Out” is the tenth episode of Andor and it continues that trend of the episodes getting better each week. Much to my surprise this is the episode where Cassian and the other prisoners escape from prison. I previously predicted that it wouldn’t be until the end of the season when it would happen. It happening now leaves the last two episodes of the season to go in some interesting places. The rest of the episode deals with Mon Mothma’s struggle for funding. There’s also a bit with the ISB as well as a reveal that I won’t spoil but it leads to a powerful speech, the second one of the episode.

Both Andry Serkis and Stellan Skarsgård have incredibly powerful speeches. I feel like this episode is also a cap on seeing Serkis in the show, but Andor has been known to do things that prove me wrong. Genevieve O’Reilly has a surprisingly powerful performance with how little screentime she had this episode.

“One Way Out” is the best episode of Andor yet and I imagine it will only keep getting better. These Disney + Star Wars shows are doing more to rekindle my love for Star Wars than any of the newer movies, with a few exceptions. I think I like the way the stories are told in the long form setting rather than in movies. That could just be me though. I give “One Way Out” 9.5 blasters out of 10.

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