Bloodlust: Subspecies III

Bloodlust: Subspecies III is really where a good portion of my memories of the franchise comes from. Some of my memories of it aren’t exactly the way that they actually happen in the movie but they’re right enough. They also aren’t any of the major plot points so its almost like I’m watching it for the first time. I’m really impressed by the twists and turns in the story. Ted Nicolaou was able to add more wrinkles to mythology of the franchise.

The cast of Bloodlust is mostly the same as Bloodstone. Anders Hove, Denice Duff, Kevin Blair, Melanie Shatner, Michael Denish, Ion Haiduc, Pamela Gordon, and Michael Dellafemina star. Dellafemina is the only new addition to the cast. Pamela Gordon is fantastic as Mummy, she’s a fantastic secondary antagonist. Anders Hove gets to do even more in Bloodlust than in the previous movies. We even get hints of how tragic Radu is. Denice Duff gets to do something interesting. The story makes you think that Michelle is actually becoming more like Radu and she’s able to play that gray area really well.

The effects are just as great in Bloodlust as they were in Bloodstone. The effects for Radu in the finale are impressive. We still only get a tiny bit of the titular creatures, but they still look fantastic. The costume design is amazing. Both Michelle and Radu have amazing costumes. The set design is as good as it ever has been in the franchise. The music fits the gothic etheric feel of the movie.

Bloodlust: Subspecies III feels like it is the end of the story that they had been telling even though I know that it isn’t. I’ve really been enjoying my rewatch of these movies. The next movie is actually a spin-off that I’ve never seen. I was once again able to watch the movie on Tubi. I give Bloodlust: Subspecies III 8 bloodstones out of 10.

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