I have an interesting history with Subspecies. The first time I watched the movie it was at one of the weirdest times. It was the morning before a Christmas parade when I was in second or third grade. It wasn’t the first Full Moon movie I watched but I do think that the Subspecies series is one of the more underrated series in the Full Moon catalog. This was my first time watching the movie since that first time. It was almost like watching it for the first time, even though I remembered bits from the finale.

Subspecies was directed by Ted Nicolaou and written by Charles Band, David Pabian, and Jackson Barr. The story isn’t really anything all that special but the characters and vampire lore in it make up for the basic story. The lore in Subspecies is expanded upon in the sequels. There are some beautiful shots of Romania throughout the movie.

Anders Hove, Michael Watson, Laura Tate, Irina Movila, Michelle McBride, Ivan J. Rado, and Angus Scrimm star. Angus Scrimm is more of a cameo because he’s really only in the opening. Anders Hove really carries the scenes he’s in with his performance. He’s the only person in all of the movies in the series. Michael Watson is kind of like the proto pretty boy vampire. He looks incredibly similar to a very specific kind of vampire, the kind that shimmers. The three female leads don’t really get to do much but they are portrayed as academics which nice.

The effects are still pretty impressive. The titular creatures still look pretty impressive over thirty years later, god that makes me feel old. The effects for Radu make the already angular features of Anders Hove unsettling. The added length to his fingers make his silhouette creepy. The stunt team did something impressive with the sword fight, especially with the added finger length prosthetics. The music feels very much like it could be added to a Castlevania game, which I mean in the best way.

Subspecies is a Full Moon movie that still stands up pretty well. I watched this on Shudder, but you can watch it on several other services. This is the only one on Shudder so you might be better off using one of the other services if you want to watch all of them. I know that there are three other movies in the series as well as a spin-off. I’ve never seen the spin-off but I remember liking the other movies, mostly because I wanted to see Radu finally die. I’m sure I’ll get through the other movies in the series as well as the spin-off. I give Subspecies 7 Bloodstones out of 10.

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