Andor Episode 9

“Nobody’s Listening!” is the darkest episode of Andor so far. It kind of focuses on how far reaching the cruelty of the Empire is. The episode starts where the previous episode left off with Bix about to be tortured by Meero. The style of torture is just as terrible as you would expect from the Empire. Cassian’s time on Narkina 5 has made him start to plan a breakout, much to the annoyance of supervisor. An entire level is killed after someone on the level recognized a prisoner that was supposed to have been released from a different level. Ulaf, the oldest member of Cassian’s table, is killed by a prison doctor after suffering a stroke. The floor supervisor gives Cassian the info that he’s been asking as the episode ends.

The Coruscant stuff deals with Syril’s continued spiral. We get the revelation that Vel is Mon Mothma’s cousin. Mothma and Kolma struggle to keep the funds moving outside of the view of the Empire.

I imagine the season will end with the breakout from Narkina 5. I continue to enjoy Andor with each episode. I give “Nobody’s Listening!” 9 jugs of blue milk out of 10.

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