Andor Episode 8

“Narkina 5” is the eighth episode of Andor and it’s a shift for the story. Cassian is sent to the planet of Narkina 5 that’s a labor prison for the Empire. We see the first thirty days of his sentence there. Back on Ferrix Maarva gets sick and Bix and Brasso try to care for her. Bix is watched by Vel and Cinta for clues on Cassian’s whereabouts. Bix also tries to contact Luthen but is ignored. Luthen leaves Coruscant to meet with Saw Gerrera but the meeting doesn’t go the way Luthen had hoped. The episode ends with Bix in the grasps of the ISB.

This episode probably signifies a shift in the story for the rest of the season, at the very least. This continues to show the differences between the ground level members and the higher ups in movements. This episode even shows how different people in the same level can varying outlooks on the movement. Andor continues to be a highlight of my week. I give “Narkina 5” 9 reports out of 10.

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