His House

I had been planning on watching His House since it came out on Netflix two years ago but kept getting distracted by other releases. I also barely use Netflix as it is. What finally made me get to it was seeing that it was leaving the streaming service even though it hadn’t gotten a physical release. The fact that it had such a critically acclaimed release initially and then a short time later it would leave the service with no fan fare or warning shows a serious flaw in the service’s release plan.

Remi Weekes directed and wrote the screenplay for His House. The screenplay was based on a story by Felicity Evans and Toby Venables. The use of folklore and real-life tragedy in the movie makes it have a weighty feel. I’ll steer clear of any summary of the plot because it would be a disservice. The story and performances are so good that you have to watch them.

Wunmi Mosaku and Sope Dirisu have absolutely amazing performances in His House. His House was released during Mosaku’s biggest roles, and this very well might be the best performance of those roles. Dirisu’s performance is just as amazing, and I had never heard of him before this movie. Matt Smith, Emily Taaffe, and Malaika Abigaba have fantastic supporting performances. Javier Botet and Cornell John work together for a sinister performance.

The effects in His House are great. It only amplifies Botet’s performance as well as John’s as well. The set design for the movie is on point and makes it as much a character as anyone else. The music by Roque Baños is amazing. It ratchets up the intensity on pace with the story.

His House is a powerful movie that combines folklore and real-life tragedy with amazing performances to make a fantastic movie. If His House does leave Netflix and doesn’t get any other kind of release that shows a major flaw in their business plan. This movie deserves at the very least a physical release, but that goes against Netflix’s usual plan. His House leaves at the end of October. I give His House 9.5 kitchen knives out of 10.

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