Queer for Fear

When I first saw that Queer for Fear: The History of Queer Horror would be added to Shudder I knew that it would be something I would watch. I wasn’t sure of how much I would enjoy it. In the four episodes I learned so much about horror history that kept me glued to the screen. Each episode has its own theme.

The first couple of episodes have a lot to do with early Hollywood as well as gothic literature. The last two episodes deal with Hollywood up until the 90s. Each of the episodes has people talking about queer history of each decade as well as queer readings of certain movies. The movies are either specific movies from a director’s filmography or certain films from the decade. There’s a lot of fantastic information throughout each of the episodes.

Queer for Fear is a fantastic documentary series that I wasn’t ready to see end. I don’t know if there’s a second season planned but I really hope that there is. I feel like there’s so much more than can be told. I’ve not mentioned the music from Shy Boy but its as much of a highlight as anything else in the episodes. I strongly recommend these episodes. I give Queer for Fear 10 steaks out of 10.

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