Joe Bob’s Haunted Halloween Hangout

I had been looking forward to Joe Bob’s Haunted Halloween Hangout since it was announced. We didn’t even get clues for the movies until much later than we normally would. The clues were “The first movie is Transylvanian. The second movie is Rastafarian.” I didn’t know any movies that fit those parameters, so I didn’t even try to guess. I saw several people say that they thought the movies would be Elvira’s Haunted Hills and Popcorn. Those people ended up being right.

I had never seen Elvira’s Haunted Hills before it was shown by Joe Bob. The cut-in segments all started with tips from Joe Bob for Halloween tricks, which would work but would also get the person in trouble if caught. Joe Bob and Darcy were also joined by Cassandra Peterson talking about the movie and Cassandra’s autobiography. She’s as lovely and ageless as you would imagine she would be. The first movie ends with a sweet mailbag and some pretty amazing vampire jokes.

The two trailers shown between the movies were V/H/S 99 which I’ve already reviewed and strongly recommend watching if you haven’t yet. The second trailer was for The Rats Are Coming! The Werewolves Are Here! which is an Andy Milligan movie coming to Shudder.

I’ve already watched and reviewed Popcorn, I believe I did so not long after The Stepfather was shown on The Last Drive-In. Each of the cut-in segments for this movie were tips on how to properly celebrate Samhain. Joe Bob and Darcy were joined by Jill Schoelen and she’s absolutely precious. They talked about her life, the crazy behind the scenes of the movie, and that she’s currently writing a book. The last segment has a mailbag about Slaughterhouse and with some solid drinking advice and Joe Bob trying to get some “applause” from Darcy.

Joe Bob’s Haunted Halloween Hangout was just what I needed. It provided the fix that I was needing for new Joe Bob and Darcy. I also haven’t mentioned that Darcy was cosplaying as Elvira the entire night but she switched from regular Elvira to Elvira from Elvira’s Haunted Hills more specifically the music number in the movie. I imagine it will be added Sunday or Monday at the very least. I give the Haunted Halloween Hangout 15 stars out of 10.

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