Andor Episode 7

“Announcement” is basically all fallout from the Aldhani heist from the previous episode. Mon Mothma confronts Rael about the heist as well as has a covert discussion with an old friend in midst of a dinner party. Andor goes back to Ferrix and learns about what happened when he escaped with Rael. He unsuccessfully tries to get Maarva to leave the planet. Maarva instead stays on the planet to be part of the Rebellion. The infighting within the ISB with Meero making a fool of Blevin. The episode ends with Andor on the tourist planet of Niamos, where he gets arrested.

“Announcement” continues the quality of the previous episodes. The lingering threads of Karn and Vel look to be interesting complications going forward. The political machinations in the series don’t seem to be as frustrating to me as in other shows. I’m not sure where the show goes in the next five episodes, but I look forward to where it leads me. I give “Announcement” 8.5 credits out of 10.

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