House of the Dragon Episode 9

“The Green Council” starts shortly after the end of the previous episode. It deals with the Hightower’s scheming for Aegon to take the throne. Much to Alicent’s surprise Otto and other members of the small council had been scheming to do without her knowledge. Ser Criston kills a member of the council while the lord commander of the kingsguard resigns. Prince Aegon is hiding which leads to two separate teams searching for him. The teams clash over the found prince. Aegon is crowned King in the Dragonpit while Rhaenys makes her way to her dragon, after being smuggled out of the castle. The episode ends with Rhaenys escaping on dragon back.

“The Green Council” is another fantastic episode. It felt like a race against the clock because that’s what the characters were doing. Even if you don’t like the characters, you feel what they’re experiencing. It even sets up some cracks in some relationships. It almost makes my annoyance with some of the characters worth it. I give “The Green Council” 8.5 cloaks out of 10.

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