She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Finale

“Whose Show Is This?” is the finale of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. It takes up in the aftermath of the ending of the previous episode. Jen loses her job because of a court ordered inhibitor that prevents her from transforming. She moves back into her parent’s house and eventually goes to Emil’s retreat. This is while Nikki gets invited to an Intelligencia event but makes Pug go in her place. This is when we learn that Todd Phelps is HulkKing as well as the creator of Intelligencia. We get some absolute insanity that leads to the ultimate fourth wall break for the show with She-Hulk breaking into the Assembled episode for her show. She confronts K.E.V.I.N. who is in charge of the MCU’s storyline and together they rewrite the finale. Jen returns to her show where Phelps and Emil are both arrested. Daredevil even shows up but after everything was resolved. Jen and Matt eat at Jen’s parent’s house where Bruce returns with his son Skaar. Jen regains her job and everything else that she lost at the beginning of the episode. The mid-credit scene is Wong breaking Blonsky out of prison to stay at Kamar-Taj.

“Whose Show Is This?” is a fittingly weird finale for this wild show. There are plenty of plot points that are left open for a second season, which was hinted at in the prolonged fourth wall breaking adventure. After getting another look at the new Daredevil costume I hope that they go back to the more traditional red costume rather than yellow and red. I really hope that there is a second season that is less chaotic on the back end than this season was. I give “Whose Show Is This?” 8 cups of tea out of 10.

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