Andor Episode 6

“The Eye” is the pivotal episode of the season. It makes major changes to all of the characters, especially the titular character. There are also several deaths in the episode and two of those deaths offer the most major changes for the show. The ending even shows how things affect people differently whether they’re the people at the top or those with boots on the ground.

The story of “The Eye” is basically a heist. It’s the operation that the last few episodes have been leading to. That’s where the majority of the episode is focused with only the final minutes shifting away to show how the heist was being learned about across the universe. The episode ends with Luthen laughing

“The Eye” has the most beautiful imagery that I’ve ever seen in any Star Wars related media. I was blown away by the titular event when it properly started in the episode, and I would be okay with it being released as a screensaver or just pictures. I think this is the episode that really helps Andor standout from any other Star Wars related work. I give “The Eye” 9.5 khyber crystal necklaces out of 10.

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