Going into Deadstream I knew next to nothing about it aside from the quick synopsis that I got from everyone talking about it as well as the one still that kept being used for tweets about the movie. I had heard nothing but positive things about it and hadn’t gotten around to seeing it right as it was put on Shudder, but I knew that I would as soon as I could. Everything that I had heard about it was spot on.

Deadstream written and directed by Vanessa and Joseph Winter. I had never seen anything that they had done before this, but I immediately became fans of theirs because of how well they blend horror and comedy. They were able to recreate YouTube prank channel vibes perfectly. I’m aware enough of them to know how ridiculous they are, and this fit it perfectly. That’s on top of Joseph also leading the movie and composing the music for it.

Joseph Winter sales the over-the-top style of a certain subset of YouTubers. It is spot on and perfect. Melanie Stone is wholly unnerving, and I won’t say anything else about her role. I will stay as far away from spoilers as I can. The performances in Deadstream make the movie so enjoyable to watch.

The effects are amazing. I want to make sure to say that the set and costume design for Deadstream are amazing as well. Everything works together to make the movie the best it could be. Also whoever did the stunts in the movie is a badass. The score basically has two parts the first is eerie creepy music and the second is driving synth. Fitting the change the main character goes through.

Deadstream is a fun found footage movie that will have you laughing and then have you wincing the next moment. I learned that the Winters will have a segment in the next entry in the VHS movies so I’m looking forward to it even more than I was already. This is another Shudder original that I think will find its audience and become a much-loved film. I give Deadstream 9.5 go pros out of 10.

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