House of the Dragon Episode 8

“The Lord of the Tides” kind of blew me away. There was yet another time jump between episodes with new actors playing the children. Most of what blew me away in the episode had to do with Viserys. Paddy Considine put in one of the best performances if not the best performance of the season in this episode. That’s on top of the effects for Viserys which goes along way to really sale the fact that he’s living a wholly miserable existence.

The fact that the episode ends with a person with dementia causing chaos hits a little close to home for me. I’ve not mentioned it very often, but I have experience with dementia and how it effects people. Sometimes those around people suffering from dementia take what they say as fact even if they’re confused. With that happening at the end of the episode I know that it will be the root of the eventual war.

Outside of Considine’s performance, Matt Smith shows a different side to Daemon in the episode. He shows that he cares about his brother rather than antagonizing him. The story of the episode is yet another episode filled with drama and political intrigue. It does appear that the season will end with the famous war that has been expected since the start. I give “The Lord of the Tides” 9 dragon eggs out of 10.

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