The Rings of Power Episode 7

“The Eye” takes up right where the previous episode ended with the eruption of Mount Doom. The survivors struggle with the apocalyptic event that they just experienced. Queen Miriel is blinded and Isildur is seemingly killed while rescuing kids from a burning building. Galadriel and Theo are separated and have to make it to the Númenórean camp. Elendil is angry at the lose of his son. Galadriel takes the wounded Halbrand to Lindon while most of the Númenórean forces leave to gather strength. The Southlanders resolve to find another home. The Harfoots make it to the grove as it is struck by the eruption of Mount Doom. The Stranger tries to heal the trees, but a child is almost hurt, which causes the group to turn against him. The weird cult that has been following after the stranger almost catches up to him, but Nori tries to misdirect them. The trio ends up burning the caravan down. A small group of Harfoots leave to warn the stranger. Elrond tries to make a deal with King Durin, but the King wants no part in it. Prince Durin tells Elrond which causes Elrond to leave but resolves to help his friend after seeing the mithril cure the leaf of its curse. The King stops the pair just as they find the massive vein of mithril. Elrond is banished and the King seemingly strips the Prince of his title. The King seals the mine while a Balrog awakens. The episode ends with Adar declaring victory and renaming the Southland Mordor.

“The Eye” is an incredibly emotional episode. The Harfoot storyline is one that I always enjoy seeing, even if they haven’t been featured much the last few episodes. The combined Galadriel and Southland storyline seems to have changed in how they’ll be continuing. The Elrond and Durin storyline seem to have been altered in how they be continuing going forward.

I don’t know how the season will end next episode. I wonder what all will happen and what will be left open for the next season. The Rings of Power continues to be quality fantasy content. I give “The Eye” 9 swords out of 10.

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