She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 8

“Ribbit and Rip It” is as you might expect is kind of a weird episode. It really feels like an episode in two parts. The first part is fun and has the cameo that I’ve been waiting for the entire season. We get Jen representing the “hero” Leap-Frog in court after his supersuit boots catch fire. The suit was made by Luke Jacobson, who created her clothes, and causes Jacobson to drop Jen as a client. Matt Murdock represents Jacobson and makes Leap-Frog look even dumber than he already appeared. Jen loses the case but is later contacted by her client saying that he’s being attacked. Jen rushes to save him in her supersuit, but her idiot client is being attacked by Daredevil. After a brief fight the two lawyers talk and decide to team up to save Jacobson, since he was kidnapped by Leap-Frog. The lawyers save Jacobson, which happens after his kidnapper injuring himself, and he agrees to take Jen back as a client. Matt and Jen end up hooking up. This is where the second part of the episode starts. It ends with the award ceremony. Jen is one of many people winning the Female Lawyer of the Year award. We learn how big of an ass Josh was when they were together, filming them without her knowing. This causes Jen to fly into a rage and attack the stage. She also almost captures an Intelligencia member but is arrested by Damage Control agents.

The next episode being the last one made me pay attention to the Intelligencia attack. I feel like it will be connected to Titania, especially since Jen is called a slut in the attack. It feels like the kind of superficial attack that an influencer like Titania would do.

Charlie Cox got to play a much more fun version of Matt Murdoch/Daredevil this episode. The jokes make sense rather than just feeling like a character trait. When he would make a joke, it would always be self-deprecating rather than being lighthearted. He also properly smiles. It even makes sense with the new suit since it has yellow on it.

“Ribbit and Rip It” really feels like it was forced to have two separate parts. Kind of like an comic that has two different stories in it. I’m sure we’ll learn everything we need to in the next episode. Like who HulkKing is and also how diabolical Intelligencia is. I found the episode to be incredibly enjoyable in spite of the two separate parts of the episode. I give “Ribbit and Rip It” 9 supersuits out of 10.

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