The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Episode 6

The Rings of Power episode six is the most action packed yet. The majority of “Udûn” deals with the fight between the townspeople and Adar and his orcs. Arondir kills several orcs during the separate skirmishes. The second skirmish ends up being the traitorous humans with the actual orcs attacking the townspeople. The orcs kill or wound most of the townspeople including Bronwyn. As Adar kills villagers for the location of the broken blade the Númenorian army approaches and causes Adar to try to escape. Halbrand and Galadriel capture Adar after Halbrand tries to kill him. Adar is interrogated by Galadriel, and we learn of his history. He is one of the original elves tortured by Morgoth, who are the Moriondor and prefer to be called Uruk rather than orc. The episode ends with the blade being used to fulfill Adar’s plan by Waldreg and the eruption of Mount Doom.

This is an important episode in terms of the backstory from Tolkien’s appendices. The information that Adar gives during his interrogation is important. He also mentions things that aren’t complete truths to keep both Galadriel and Halbrand off kilter. Also, the culmination of Adar’s plan for the Southlands was unexpected to me. The creation of Mordor was a traumatic experience for not only the people but also the land itself. There’s also an underlying sense of hope throughout the entire episode, plus we got to see Bronwyn be a badass. I give “Udûn” 9 rings out of 10.

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