Andor Episode 4

Andor episode four is “Aldhani” which is where Andor ends up under the assumed name of Clem. We learn that Luthen rescued Andor to help with a plan on the titular planet. It doesn’t set with the team in place, but they aren’t left with a choice. We also get to see Luthen’s cover on Coruscant which is an antique dealer. We also meet Mon Mothma when she meets with him as they’re both working on supporting the Rebellion. We also see the fallout from the bungled Ferrix mission with the Empire taking over the Pre-Mor security force’s responsibilities and firing the entire force. We’re also shown the political scheming in the Imperial Security Bureau.

I feel like the series won’t only be about Andor’s journey into who we saw in Rogue One but also the growth of the Rebellion into what we saw in the movies. I’m interested in seeing where the new characters go in the story. I also want to see how the story evolves as Andor gets drawn into the Rebellion. This episode gave all of the previous story beats time to breath while getting new stories going. I give “Aldhani” 8 khyber crystal necklaces out of 10.

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