The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Episode 5

“Partings” is the fifth episode of The Rings of Power and while some of the storylines have started on a darker path others have started on a more hopeful path. The Harfoot story is one that is on a darker path with Nori becoming scared of the stranger. The Southlands story takes a dark turn with half of the men leaving to pledge fealty to Adar and Bronwyn almost doing the same near the end of the episode. The Númenorian story is a hopeful path even if there are some bad actors amongst the people of Númenor, they set off toward Middle-Earth. The Elrond and Durin story is mixed the Elven part is darker, with the very fate of the Elves in peril, and the Dwarfs more hopeful, with Durin and Elrond’s friendship proving to be a powerful bond.

I continue to be blown away by the practical effects for the show. Its on par with anything that I would see for a movie. Between the effects and the music by Bear McCreary each episode feels like a short film rather than an episode of a TV show. There are just three episodes left and I think some of the storylines will combine before the end of the season. I give “Partings” 8 cursed sword hilts out of 10.

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