I’m a huge fan of the majority of the V/H/S series. This was the first time I rewatched the first movie in the series since watching the newest entry in the series. The first time I watched V/H/S it had a strong effect on me, so much so that I went on to say that it fucked me. It was the first time that a movie had affected me in such a way, and it was not the last. Between this and Creepshow I became a fan of the anthology format of movie.

There are six segments if you include the frame narrative as apart of the segments. A lot of the frame narrative shows how mean spirited and sleazy the early internet could be without it being targeted at anyone specific. The rest of the segments have a little bit of the sleaze from the frame narrative. The first of the segments titled “Amateur Night” is the sleaziest of them.

Both “Second Honeymoon” and “The Sick Thing That Happened to Emily When She Was Younger” have a voyeuristic aspect to them that can get under your skin. Both of them have different versions of voyeurism that work with the stories that they tell in them. “Tuesday the 17th” is an interesting take on the slasher genre. The last segment titled “10/31/98” is good but it was initially my favorite of the segments when I watched it but it isn’t anymore. I still like it but its not my favorite in the movie anymore.

The effects throughout V/H/S are amazing. This has the perfect marriage of practical and visual FX. There are so many parts that look great among them for practical in “Amateur Night” are a slow build to the big reveal. The visual effects in “Tuesday the 17th” are just as good. Each segment has its own thing that gives them their own feel.

V/H/S is a great anthology found footage movie. I still think that this is a great movie, even if it didn’t have the same effect on me as the first time. With V/H/S 99 coming out in October I think I’ll give the first three part of the series a rewatch. I give V/H/S 8 vhs tapes out of 10.

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