House of the Dragon Episode 5

“We Light the Way” is the fifth episode of House of the Dragon that seems to finally finish setting everything up. The episode starts with Prince Daemon being his usual sinister self. The majority of the episode deals with the fallout of the previous episode. Queen Alicent’s relationship with Princess Rhaenyra is finally broken beyond repair through lies and plotting. The marriage between Laenor and Rhaenyra goes ahead with a brawl happening, with Ser Criston killing Ser Joffrey Lonmouth who was Laenor’s lover. There’s a lot left in the air at the end of the episode, with Viserys collapsing at the wedding and Alicent stopping Criston from committing suicide.

The next episode looks to be the time jump that I’ve been looking for since the beginning of the season. “We Light the Way” is like finally finishing setting up dominos waiting for the right time to knock them over. The next episode seems to be when the dominos finally start falling. This is a slow burn series with small bursts of excitement so far. I give “We Light the Way” 7.5 swords out of 10. [kofi]


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